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Core Product

The future face of gaming

The TipChip is something new and is not a gaming chip as we know it, although it has the shape of a traditional chip. It is an electrically powered betting tool combining radio-frequency identification and multi-touch screen technology.

The TipChip enables for identification and allocation of all bets placed by an unlimited number of players at any multi-user gaming appliance, e.g. black jack and table roulette.

It also serves as an e-cash tool at slot machines or sports-betting terminals as well as a means of payment for additional services, e.g. food and drinks. Switching between all fields of gaming and playing at more than one appliance at the same time is a breeze.

If player-registration is desired by the operator or mandatory by law, the TipChip can be handed out as a digital admission ticket to the casino.


easy & secure gaming

One single TipChip per player replaces all chips, coins, tickets or cash-cards traditionally used in a casino. Its handling is easier and more secure than anything else on the market.

The TipChip gaming network offers faster, error-free and tamper-proof gaming transactions. It allows for constant, detailed and precise monitoring of all accounts and revenues. This creates the possibility for 100% player tracking and therefore optimizes problem gambling prevention.

The TipChip has the potential to reduce personnel and purchasing costs by up to 50% and increases operational security as well as convenience and attraction for players.


integrated gaming network

Each TipChip is connected to its individual account on the central database server. Each gaming appliance in a land or water based casino and its additional services – starting at the entrance and ending at the bar – are linked within the internal network to the same database.

Each existing traditional table game can be modified to a TipChip table game: replacing the traditionally used cloth with a (multi-) touch screen, the tables still offer all traditional gaming possibilities and sensations adding new features like gaming history, bonuses and (wide-) area jackpots.

The well-known slot interfaces for money transfer between the slots are replaced with TipChip models, whether the slots are server based or not.

The same TipChip interfaces can be integrated to terminals allowing players to participate in remote gaming services.

The TipChip itself is offered either in an anonymous or personalized version. Both can be protected against unauthorized withdrawal by setting a security code. The personalized version can be disabled remotely by the operator, e.g. when lost. Moreover it can be located by RFID tracking individually.

The TipChip may be rented, sold or handed out for free, e.g. to high-rollers. It may be designed in various looks, e.g. for collecting – and with additional functions, e.g. to serve VIPs.

Product Status

history of development

European patent application.

Our functional model shows how the system works (video).

The term “TIPCHIP” is registered under No 8721656 as a European trademark. A similar registration for the United States is pending.

PCT patent application.

The simple one-point-switch of the first stage is replaced by a modern vibration solution (MEMS).

Our product visualization video shows the future face of casino gaming. In addition you might see the short version and the making of video.

Participating in ICE totally gaming 2011 in London, stand no. 2999, see report.

We are currently collaborating with operators to put their expertise into our product.

About Us


To replace all traditional betting tools including chips, coins, tickets and cash-cards. The TipChip will lead to a responsible style of gaming entertainment, a win for players, operators, governments and society.


Michael Leczek started as a dealer in 1987, directed several IT-projects at Casinos Austria and served as managing director of Casino Bad Gastein until the end of 2010. At the beginning of the same year he founded the TipChip enterprise with its headquarters in Austria. Michael holds a master's degree in general management (MBA) from Klagenfurt University.

Email: / Mobil: +43 664 88 606 796


TipChip Gaming Technologies GmbH Teichstraße 37, 9081 Reifnitz, Austria FN 338703 v, UID ATU 65366908 Email: / Ph: +43 4273 211 19

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